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As a cannabis user, you have more options than ever before. In addition to smoking buds, you can take hits from a vape pen, take a tincture sublingually, eat an edible, or rub on a topical. Another option that’s been gaining popularity is cannabis concentrates. These highly potent products offer quite a kick of cannabinoids. And, one of the best, most efficient ways to use them is with a wax bong. 

What’s a Wax Bong?

A wax bong is a type of rig that you can use to smoke cannabis wax and other concentrates. It’s similar in design to a regular bong, which you use to smoke ground buds. Instead of a bowl, however, a wax bong has a nail. The nail, which you heat, vaporizes the concentrate so that you can inhale your dose of THC. 

wax and bong

What’s Wax?

Wax is one type of cannabis concentrate. Concentrates are, as the name suggests, concentrated products. They’re extracts of the actual cannabis plant. Manufacturers use solvents to remove THC and other beneficial compounds from the physical plant matter. The process (and solvent) the manufacturer uses influences the texture of the final product.

How Is Wax Different from Other Concentrates?

There are numerous concentrates on the market, and they range in consistency from liquidy and runny to solid and brittle. Common types of concentrates include oil, budder, crumble, shatter, and wax.

Each term, including wax, refers to the consistency of the concentrate. Cannabis waxes are, therefore, waxy in texture. While they’re soft, they’re also moldable, characteristics that can make them easier to handle than other types.

Benefits of Wax

Cannabis wax offers a few significant advantages:

  • It’s potent
  • You only need a little to achieve the desired results, so your stash goes longer
  • There’s less of a recognizable cannabis odor
  • Inhaling wax offers fast-acting results

How to Use a Wax Bong

Using a wax bong might look a bit intimidating at first. Once you get the hang of it, though, it’s actually quite easy. First, you grab a small amount of wax using a dab tool. You don’t need much. Something the size of a grain of rice (or less) is often enough. Then, you heat the nail of your rig using a torch. Some rigs come with what’s known as an e-nail (electric nail), which heats automatically when you plug it in. 

Next, you let the nail cool for several seconds. Place your mouth over the mouthpiece when you’re ready, but don’t inhale just yet. Place the concentrate on the nail and begin inhaling slowly (don’t inhale deeply) to begin drawing the vapor into the base of the rig. When you’re ready, then you take your hit. Finally, exhale and enjoy the effects. 

Use a Wax Bong for Potent Experiences

Wax offers a way to get high potency hits, giving you huge results in a tiny package. While you have many options for using wax, a wax bong is one of the most efficient ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. Not only are the hits potent, but they also provide fast-acting results. 

If you’re looking to expand your product repertoire, cannabis concentrates, including wax, are a great way to broaden your horizons. Just remember, you don’t need much. Start low and go slow for the best results.