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Bubbler vs bong, is one better than the other? As the cannabis community grows, so do the methods in which you can enjoy your bud. With bubblers growing in popularity, you might wonder if they’re going to replace bongs. Or you might be shocked to learn that a bubbler isn’t a bong. 


‌What is a Bong?

Bongs have been around for centuries and were originally made from bamboo. Today’s bongs became popular in the 60s and are usually made from glass. Bongs can come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. However, they all usually have the same basic parts including:

  • Mouthpiece: The very top of the tube where you inhale the smoke
  • Tube: The main part of the bong where the smoke collects.
  • Ice catch: Part of the tube that holds the ice.
  • Percolator: Helps filter and cool the smoke. Not all bongs have one built-in and can be bought separately.
  • Bowl: This is where you pack the bud. They’re usually made from glass or quartz. 
  • Slide: This is what the downstem fits into and “slides” out of.
  • Joint: What attaches the bowl to the slide. 
  • Downstem: Attaches the joint and fits in the slide. 
  • Base: The bottom of the bong that sits on the table.

‌What is a Bubbler?

Bubblers are often mistaken as small bong or large pipe by people unfamiliar with them. A bubbler is kind of a hybrid device that combines bong and spoon pipe design. Bubblers usually have a spoon pipe design with a water chamber. Parts of a bubbler include:

  • Mouthpiece: Same as the bong. 
  • Bowl: Fixed to the stem and doesn’t slide. 
  • Stem: A fixed part of the bowl that sends the smoke to the water.
  • Water chamber: A small area at the bottom of the bubbler for the water.

How are Bubblers and Bongs Similar?

Bubblers and bongs have a few similarities.

  • Water: They both use water to filter smoke to create a smooth hit. Where they differ is in size. 
  • Materials: Both are usually made out of glass. 
  • Slides: The bowl of a bong is attached to a “slide” that you pull when you’re ready to inhale the smoke. Many bubblers also have this feature.

‌How Do They Differ?

Bubblers and bongs have just a few differences. 

  • Size: The biggest difference between bubblers and bongs is size. Bubblers are much smaller than bongs. The average small bong is about 12 inches, whereas a bubbler is usually around 6 inches. 
  • Portability: Since the bubbler is much smaller, it’s much more portable and easy to handle. 
  • Bowl slider: Most bubblers don’t have a slider and the bowl is fixed in place.
  • Fewer parts: Bubblers have fewer parts than a bong. 

Is the Bubbler or Bong Better?

Determining which one is better will depend on your preference and circumstances. If you prefer a portable device with a smaller hit, then the bubbler is better. If you prefer a big hit with a quick high, then you might prefer a bong. Just keep in mind the potency of your bud. You may not need large hits to get high quickly. Enjoy!