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The world of cannabis is vast. Not only are there countless products on the market, but there are also hundreds of individual strains. Each strain can help to treat different ailments and provide different effects. With so many choices, you might quickly become overwhelmed. Understanding Sativa vs Indica buds can help you narrow down your options, making your decision a bit easier.  

Sativa vs Indica: The Physical Differences

Before we dive into the different effects, let’s first take a look at the physical differences between Sativa and Indica plants. Sativas are tall and thin, whereas Indicas are shorter and wider. The leaves are similar in appearance, with the leaves of a Sativa being long and narrow and those of the Indica being short and fat. 

As for the buds themselves, Sativa buds are long, slender, light, and airy. The buds of an Indica plant, on the other hand, are denser and more compact. 

sativa indica

Sativa Buds: For Creativity and Focus

Sativa buds are known for enhancing your creative thought. They can also boost your motivation and make it easier to focus on the tasks you need to tackle. Many of the strains can also provide an energy boost. These traits make them great for daytime use. Using them at night could make it more difficult for you to sit still, relax, and fall asleep.  

Here are a few of the most popular Sativa (and Sativa-dominant hybrid) strains to try:

  • Green Crack: with a THC content of 24% and practically no CBD, Greek Crack can provide you with the focus you need to tackle creative projects. It can also boost your energy, helping to free you of fatigue.
  • Durban Poison: a 100% pure Sativa with a THC content of up to 26%, Durban Poison provides near-immediate clear-headed focus. 
  • Sour Diesel: with up to 25% THC, Sour Diesel offers a pleasant head rush and almost instantly lifts your mood. 

Indica Buds: For Evening Relaxation

Indica buds are ideal for late afternoon and evening use. You can also use them when you’re looking to have a restful day at home. These strains promote physical relaxation, melting away aches and pains. Some also provide sedative effects, which are perfect for combating insomnia

Some Indica (and Indica-dominant hybrid) strains to try include:

  • Hindu Kush: a 100% Indica strain, Hindu Kush features up to 20% THC. Its effects creep up on you, bringing on full-body relaxation. Your limbs may feel heavy, and you likely won’t feel motivated to do anything.
  • Northern Lights: with a whopping THC content of up to 33%, Northern lights is a nearly pure Indica (95% Indica, to be exact). It’s a highly sedative strain that’s excellent for knocking out insomnia.
  • G-13: also called Government 13, G-13 has up to 27% THC. It produces a full-body high that can leave you feeling lethargic and lazy. It can also help treat insomnia, allowing you to fall asleep more easily.

A Bud for Every Need

Cannabis provides relief from a wide range of ailments. Different strains can also produce a variety of effects, helping to boost your energy or promote relaxation while easing your specific symptoms.  Understanding the differences between Sativa and Indica buds can help you more effectively choose a strain that suits your needs best.