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When it comes to buying cannabis, the best place to do it at a legal dispensary. You might be frustrated by the sales tax on the products — California imposes a 15% sales tax on the sale of all cannabis — but shopping at unlicensed dispensaries or dealers on the street can be dangerous. Sellers like these are illegal, as is buying from them.

Here’s why you should always shop only at reputable stores.

legal cannabis

Legal Dispensaries Are Licensed

Every legal dispensary has a license to operate where they’re located and sell cannabis products. Licensed dispensaries follow the strict regulations set forth by the state. They obtain all of their products from growers and manufacturers that also follow the laws, so you can expect that anything you purchase is a high-quality product.

Any dispensary that operates outside of the parameters of the law is at risk of losing its license. The dispensary’s operators could also face steep financial and legal penalties. The chances of a licensed dispensary risking all of that to stock questionable products are pretty low.

Legal dispensaries are dedicated to following the laws so that they can provide you with the best of what’s available.

All Products are Tested Before Reaching Legal Dispensary Shelves

Licensed dispensaries in the state of California can only stock and sell products that undergo rigorous lab testing. Every single product is tested for cannabinoid content and concentration — as well as the possibility of it containing pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals, and more. Testing also reveals its terpene profile.

Cannabis products receive labels that clearly state the results of those tests. For most cannabis users, labels like these help them make informed purchases and offer significant peace of mind.

If you were to buy from an illegal dispensary, you might not get this information. Illicit operations may not bother to stock lab-tested products. You have no way of knowing the potency of each product from these sellers, and whether or not any of your potential purchases are contaminated with harmful chemicals.

You Get a Broader Selection of Products

On top of peace of mind, shopping at a legal dispensary allows you to browse and choose from a much larger selection of cannabis products. Licensed dispensaries stock various strains of fresh buds, vapes, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and more.

For newcomers, the sheer number of products can be overwhelming — but it does offer significant benefits. An array of cannabis products allows you to find the right ones for your specific needs. You can try out various products to find out which ones you enjoy.

Only Shop at a Legal Dispensary

When you go to a reputable and licensed shop to buy cannabis products, you can be assured that everything on the shelves is lab tested and of the highest quality.

Additionally, buying from a legal dispensary helps to keep money in the economy. It helps to strengthen the argument that the federal legalization of cannabis is a good idea. While the lower costs flaunted by illegal dispensaries and street dealers can be tempting, you should avoid them at all costs — for your health and the future of cannabis in the United States.