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Selling cannabis is no longer a shady side-hustle. As long as you live in a state where weed is legal, you could make some serious “green” by getting involved with the weed industry. There are already dozens of fantastic stories of former hobbyists who are now making a comfortable living thanks to marijuana.

Since pot has become such a hot product in legal markets, many people have become curious about how lucrative it is to get involved with the weed sector. Do the rates for jobs in the weed industry warrant the risk of handling a federally-illegal drug?

Who’s Making The Most Green? — A Look At The Highest Paying Jobs In The Weed Industry

Because the cannabis market is new and fragmented, it’s challenging to get firm estimates of what employees across North America earn. Every state will have slightly different rates depending on local prices and cannabis-specific taxation policies. However, according to a few recent surveys, it’s clear where most of the money is flowing in this industry.

Understandably, CEOs of successful cannabis businesses stand to make the most in the marijuana market. Most estimates suggest the median annual salary for a cannabis CEO is in the mid-$300,000 range. Slightly below that is a cannabis COO with a yearly salary of $100,000 less than the CEO.

Many top-tier positions in segments like cultivation, retail, and extraction could easily earn annual salaries of between $100,000 – $200,000. For instance, Fortune magazine says master cultivators, extraction directors, and managers for lab testing facilities all make yearly salaries in the $130,000 range.

Even on the “low-end” of the spectrum, new employees can make a decent living tending to cannabis while working their way up in the industry. For instance, sales representatives for marijuana companies usually bring in about $62,000 per year. Even weed delivery drivers and assistant growers could make between $30,000 to $50,000 per year.

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How Could People Break Into The Weed Business?

If people love pot, it makes sense to at least consider a cannabis-focused career. As mentioned above, entry-level jobs at dispensaries or grow facilities can pay handsomely. Plus, since the cannabis market is so new, dedicated employees get the opportunity to work their way up in an expanding industry.

While breaking into the cannabis biz is highly desirable, “weed experience” isn’t something you’re told to highlight on a standard resumé. People who have plenty of experience growing and consuming cannabis often say they don’t know how to start marketing themselves in this business.

Thankfully, as the marijuana market expands, it’s getting easier to find legitimate trade shows, job fairs, and applications for cannabis-related companies. There are even some colleges that offer courses in various weed-related fields.

People who have few connections in the current cannabis market should look on sites like LinkedIn or Indeed for opportunities in cannabis categories. If there are local dispensaries, grow facilities, or medical marijuana sites in your area, you should ask around to see if they have job availability.

If you’re serious about getting involved with weed, you should find opportunities and events to help you get into this market. It may take some persistence, but newcomers can start a fantastic career dealing with weed flowers.